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Sep 23, 2009

How to use bCisive Online: contents

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inventif said...

I was trying to find how to print a map to a physical printer -- any pointers?



Daniel Prager said...

Hi Inventif

To print a map (for now!) either take a screenshot (and print that), or export to PowerPoint, download the presentation and print from there.

Ben Loft said...

Feel free to add any feature suggestions to our feedback forum at If we get enough support for a feature, we will bump it up the priority list.

James Gutherson said...

I am having trouble accessing bcisive online through a Corporate firewall. I can open my sites, but my Browser (IE7) shows the Error Warning Sign in the lower left and I do not get the Boxes tab showing, or can I double click to add a box.

What settings, addins etc do I need to access bcisive online?