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Sep 23, 2009

Entering and leaving a Space

Enter an existing Space

From the site's home page, click on its title in the list in the Spaces area, or click on the space's thumbnail image in the Latest Activity area:

You'll be taken to the Space, where you will see:
  • the name of the owner(s) of the space;
  • a list of any other Occupants currently in the Space; and
  • the mapping workspace and any map(s) already built.
To leave a Space

In the header area near the top of the page, click on the site Site's name and you'll be taken back to the site's Home page.  E.g. In Dan's Space on "" you would click on "Free Site #99" to leave the space:

  bCisive Online > Free Site #99 > Dan's Space

Tip: If you're in control of the space, you will usually want to Save before you leave.  Otherwise you will be prompted.

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