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Mar 27, 2012

Introduction to bCisive Online

bCisive Online is a web-based visual mapping tool from Austhink, aimed primarily at complex decision-making, individual and team problem-solving, presentation and facilitation.

If you are a mind-mapping afficionado, but have had trouble getting the rest of your team to work with mind-maps, bCisive Online offers an alternative path to visual thinking.  Our users have found that facilitating a meeting or problem-solving session is a great way to get buy-in from the group.

The modes of visual thinking supported in bCisive Online overlap with mind-mapping, but the visual and manipulatory conventions are a bit different. Here's a short video illustrating the basic mechanics of map-building and editing.

Notably, bCisive Online allows multiple maps on a workspace, and makes playing with ideas in a bottom-up or top-down fashion (or any combination thereof) both practical and enjouyable.

For the more experienced user, advanced features include:
A feature aimed at bloggers is the facility to publish completed maps to the web.  Similar to embedding a Youtube video,  or a Slideshare presentation, bCisive Online enables you to embed a readonly workspace containing one or more maps in your blog (or in any web-page).  Unlike a fixed image, this workspace is zoomable and foldable.  Here is an embedded bCisive Online map, based on an editorial in the New York Times:

Best viewed in full screen, try zooming in and out, and hiding and showing branches and sub-branches.  Clicking on a non-map area of the workspace to pan around at high zoom levels.

bCisive Online is free to try, and available at reasonable rates on a subscription basis.