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May 16, 2010

bCisive Online Tutorial: Introduction

bCisive Online is a great tool for cutting through the detail of difficult decisions, especially those involving:
  1. Significant ramifications (i.e. important)
  2. Many factors (sizeable)
  3. A lack of clarity at the outset over what is important, and what can be reasonably compromised on (complex)
General examples include:
  1. A major purchase
  2. Negotiating a deal
  3. Formulating a strategy
  4. Outlining a pitch or case
For the purposes of this tutorial we will walk through examples of each, introducing process, techniques and tips along the way.

This tutorial assumes that you:
  1. Have created your own bCisive Online site
  2. And are comfortable with the mechanics of making and editing maps in the bCisive Online workspace.
Before proceeding you may wish to review the basic map editing video, and have a bit of a play in a workspace.

Let's start with an example of a major purchase with a personal flavor, buying a car.

Next: Major purchase Overview (Buying a Car)

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