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Jan 5, 2010

Adding hyperlinks

When you're working with bCisive Online, it is often helpful to include in your map hyperlinks to useful websites and online information.

To insert a link into a box, double-click on the box to open the text edit window, and click the Edit Hyperlink/Attachment button:

Next, enter the URL to which you'd like to link.

Pro tip: You can also enter a text description if you want to. If you do, the text will appear as a link in your box; if you leave the Text field blank, the URL will appear as a link in your box.

When you're ready, click Save and your link will be displayed at the bottom of the selected box. When you click on the link, the website will be opened in a new window in your browser.

Clickable link appears in box

Note: You can also insert links to documents.

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