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Mar 22, 2010

And ... we're released!

You can now upgrade from your free bCisive Online account to a paid plan.

Introductory pricing is here.

Next up: Support for bloggers to publish their workspaces to the web, and embed them in their blogs.

Mar 11, 2010

Click-to-Skype is here

bCisive Online now has simple (and easy to use) Skype integration for two-way voice, video and chat.  Having a voice channel such as Skype is ideal for getting the most out of real-time collaboration with bCisive Online.

The click to Skype button also appears next to Skype-enabled occupants within a space.

How to tell bCisive Online that you are on Skype
By adding your Skype name to your profile, you can allow other users to see when you're available to Skype, and call you with a single click.  Simply click on your name in the People section (above) and add your skype name to your profile:

  • If Skype isn't running on your computer when you click-to-Skype that's ok: it will launch automatically
  • You can use your Skype settings to control whether people can see that you are online.
  • If you try to initiate a conference by clicking on a second person's Skype button, you don't get a three-way conference call (yet) -- perhaps Skype will help us out with this!