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Sep 17, 2009

Where are we going?

We'd like to know too!

Our very short-term plans

The beauty of software is that it is "soft". We've deliberately taken bCisive Online early, in line with a "release early, release often" approach.

We don't just want bCisive Online to be a pleasure to use, but also really, really useful.

So while bCisive desktop was mainly oriented to decision-making decision-making, Rationale to clearer critical thinking, and bSelling to consultative selling, we're leaving bCisive Online a bit more open for now.

Our initial idea is to make it a great tool for facilitation, collaboration and mentoring, especially remotely, and in combination with skype, gtalk or similar audio-conferencing software.

Here's an example of father/daughter mentoring from a happy bCisive/Rationale user:
Dear Anna
Thank-you ... It works perfect. I really enjoy working with these programs. Once I helped my daughter (27) using bCisive to make a decision about whether she should continue her job. It took us a whole sunday afternoon. A week later she was flying to Spain where she studied Spanish for 3 months. When she came back she was full of gusto to find a new job. Now she is a lecturer at the same university where I work. -- Gerard
The directions that we are considering include:
  1. Facilitation / collaboration / mentoring: Especially for geographically separated teams
  2. Organizational teamwork / planning / reporting: Build a shared understanding during planning, review and structured problem-solving sessions; stored in a central place
  3. Visual tools for capturing repeatable business processes and making them fun and engaging: See our bSelling product for some examples of how we apply visual-thinking to get better engagement and reporting in the sales arena -- we can apply the same smarts elsewhere
  4. Project management for Agile, and/or geographically separated teams: Existing tools are list-based, rather than hierarchical, and lack the real-time collaboration dimension
  5. More powerful presentations: Our answer to Death by PowerPoint; our approach easily shows relationships as well as bullet-points, and when used "live" lends itself to interactive exploration and "drill-down" with an audience. Our proposal.
In forthcoming posts I will show some of our mock-ups of proposed features for bCisive Online , depending on the tack that we take.

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