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Sep 27, 2009

Connecting more boxes to your map

Connecting more boxes to your first one to build a map is easy. Drag a new box from the tool panel onto the workspace, and hold it near to the box you'd like to attach it to. You'll see a red line showing where the new box will attach - underneath, beside or above another.

When you're happy, release the mouse button and drop the new box, and connections will automatically be drawn. If it's in the wrong spot, don't worry - just grab it again and drag it to the right place.

Things to note:
  • Maps can only be built in a top-down tree structure (for now).
  • The second box in a map can only be placed underneath the first box; after that, new boxes can be placed next to an existing one (a sibling), underneath it (a child), or on top of it (a new parent).
  • Boxes can have an unlimited number of child boxes, but each box can have only one parent.


Bob said...

Great that you have a cloud version of bCisive so I can finally use it on my Mac. When will you be able to build vertical maps?

inventif said...

It would be good to see some real world (or "real" world) examples of maps, if possible, thank you.

--Mario Galevski

Ben Loft said...


Vertical maps? do you mean left-to-right maps, rather than the current top-down layout?

If so, we have started getting a few requests for this on our feedback forum at h If you want this feature, go there and up-vote the idea. Feel free to add other ideas as well.

Ben Loft said...


We have just added the ability to publish a space which allows users to share maps via a url or embedded into another page. Very shortly we will be releasing a "public gallery" which will allow users to browse through all the public spaces.
Once this is available we plan to add some real world examples to help get you started.