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Jan 7, 2010

Making a PowerPoint presentation

While bCisive Online is great for capturing a group discussion or problem-solving session, the resulting map can be large and difficult to present to others in a way that's compelling and encourages buy-in.

Using parts of your map to tell a linear story in the form of a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation can be much more powerful. And it's easy: no copy-and-pasting required. Here's how bCisive Online's built-in export-to-PowerPoint feature works.

1. Take your slide snapshots
Hover over a box and click the small camera icon in the bottom right corner to take a slide.

A slide will be created containing your selected box and anything below it: its entire branch (excluding currently hidden boxes).

Tip: Use hide and show to arrange the map as you want it to appear on your PowerPoint slides, hiding unnecessary sections.

After a few seconds, the slide counter in the menu bar above the workspace will update from 0 to 1. Continue taking slide snapshots of other parts of your map until you are happy.

2. Export your slides to PowerPoint
When you are ready, click the Export button on the toolbar, and the Slide Presentation panel will slide out:

Clicking on the panel's Export button will download a PowerPoint presentation containing -- as separate slides -- the snapshots of the bCisive Online map that you have just taken.

3. Edit your presentation in PowerPoint
Add style templates, your company logo, headings, notes and so on around your map images to flesh out the presentation and tell your story. So much better than endless bullet points!

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