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Nov 17, 2009

Save snapshots of the workspace

Although bCisive Online has periodic auto-save there are times when you want to go back to an earlier version of the workspace. Saving allows you to do just that:
  • Before exiting a Space while in control, to keep any changes
  • In case you lose work by accident, error, or technology failure
  • To replay the history of a discussion

When you click the "Save" button the current state of the workspace is saved and stamped with current date-time (for now the time at the central server).

To go back to an earlier saved version of the workspace, click on the "History" tab and click on the "Revert To" button to call up the old version.  Tip: Consider Saving the current version first!

Wishlist functionality:
  • Text comments when saving, for a more informative history
  • Graphic preview before reverting 

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