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Feb 11, 2010

Passing around control

When multiple people are inside a Space, only one person at a time can edit.  That user is in control.   It's a lot like the idea of a talking stick, where only the stick-holder can talk; here only the person in control can edit.

Members and owners of the space can be "given control", and "request control", while viewers and guests cannot.

Any changes made by whoever is in control of the space can be seen in real-time, by everyone:
  • boxes fly around and reconnect
  • the position of the controller's mouse cursor is visible in red as an arrow (see below);  other participants remote pointers  may also be visible in the workspace (not shown)
Here's the view of someone not in control:

The grey background is an additional cue to tell you that you cannot edit, unless you gain control.

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