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Sep 23, 2009

Creating a new Space

Within each bCisive Online site, there can be any number of Spaces, each containing an embedded bCisive workspace where you can create and edit bCisive Online "maps". The site owner or anyone invited to access the site can create a new Space.

To create a Space, from the home page of your site,  type a name for your new Space, and click the Create button:

Your Space will be added to the list, and then you just have to click on its title to enter it and start mapping.

  • Free sites are limited to a maximum of three spaces.
  • At the moment, reordering and categorizing the Spaces list (into folders, for example) isn't possible: spaces are ordered alphabetically, and recently accessed spaces appear in the "latest activity" area at the top of the home page.


eshieldsga said...

Really questions:

I am the "owner" of the site, which is connected to my email address.

1. Can I set up more than one site from that email address? (I work with different clients and would want different sites).

2. Within one site which is for one organization, can everyone who is invited see and participate in all the spaces? Even for this beta, there are different projects and people might be uncomfortable with such openness.

Daniel Prager said...

1. Yes you can, with the beta.
2. We've just introduced a basic system that allows the "Owner" of a space to control who can see and enter particular spaces. This is about to get (much) more refined. Stay tuned!

-- Dan