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Sep 17, 2009

Wishlist for faciliation / collaboration / mentoring

During a real-time session:
  • Who edited the box? E.g. History of edits at the box level
  • Add a box without having control: Allow a participant (without control) to add a single box to the workspace (and text), allowing the user with control (the facilitator) to request suggestions, without having to relinquish control; good for brain-storming; ideally, if you have control you can toggle this feature on/off
  • Avatar facial expressions: Allow avatars (the little faces) to appear confused, happy, sad, etc. to give feedback to the facilitator, allow simple votes, etc.
  • History of the space: Explicitly save snap-shots of the whole space as it develops, to better understand how the final result was reached
  • Follow: Allow other participants to automatically follow the zooming and panning of the user with control
  • Guest passes: Invite non-users to temporarily join a space, e.g. a customer
  • Chat: As an alternative / addition to skype, gtalk, etc.
Between real-time sessions:
  • Alerts: When a space is changed; subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Invitations: Schedule times to meet in a space, send emails

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