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Nov 17, 2009

Controlling access to Spaces, plus renaming and deleting

To control who has access to a space that you own, or rename it, or delete it, click Manage from the Spaces area of the home page:

Only the spaces that you own will have a Manage link.

In an organizational setting, not everyone should have access to every Space. To this end we have introduced a new set of roles to bCisive Online. In any given space you will be exactly one of the following, in increasing order of power:
  1. Denied: The Space will not appear on your Spaces page, and you cannot access it
  2. Viewer (coming soon): You can view the space, but cannot edit it
  3. Member: You can edit the space, request control, and pass on control
  4. Moderator (coming soon): Like a member, plus you can grab control, and you can invite guests (non-site-members) temporarily into the space
  5. Owner: Like a moderator, plus you can set the level of access of other site members
When you create a space you will automatically be appointed its Owner.

From a space's "Manage" page

you can:
  • restrict and limit access of site-members to the space, 
  • control guest access to the space
  • rename* the space, and 
  • delete the space (not shown)
  • set a default level of access for new users (members) of the site

Notes and tips:
  • Appointing someone else a co-owner of the space facilitates hand-off.
  • Owners can demote other owners
  • Making everyone except the owner of the space a Viewer effectively freezes the space.
  • Renaming the space does not kill hyperlinks to the space, but deleting it does

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