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Nov 17, 2009

Ideas for better snapshots

With bCisive Online you can save snapshots of a Space (and get them back). This facility could be even better:
  1. The date-stamp on each saved version should show local time, not server time
  2. The user should be prompted to add a short comment when (s)he saves
  3. Space owners and moderators should be allowed to delete a snapshot
  4. It would be handy to be able to preview a snapshot before loading it
Presently anyone who can edit a space can save and restore snapshots. An alternative arrangement would restrict saving and uploading to space owners and moderators. A logical consequence of this would be that space members would only be allowed to edit a space in the presence of an owner (or moderator), since otherwise a member could use auto-save to obtain unsupervised save rights.

Any backing for this refinement?

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