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Oct 22, 2009

Early beta feedback

Being able to interact live is terrific. I have found it saves me trips to our other office. -- Beta user working in IT & communications
Over the last five weeks, around 90 people have got involved in our beta trial of bCisive Online. Valuable comments have been rolling in; here is some of the feedback we've been getting.

Some users struggled with setting up sites and getting started building maps; we're working on a series of tutorial videos to help with this, and of course you can browse our straightforward how-to tips on this blog too.

Some areas of value identified by our beta users:
  • Making and documenting complex decisions
  • Live, remote interaction with colleagues
  • 1:1 and 1:few followups after group planning sessions
I see some potential to encourage its wider use in a digital democracy. -- Beta user working in civic government
Some requested features:
  • Single login that works across multiple sites -- already implemented; read more
  • The workspace should stretch vertically as the browser window is enlarged -- already implemented; read more
  • Keyboard shortcut to exit the text edit box -- already implemented; use Ctrl+S
  • Email notification of site details once you've set one up
  • Clearer Delete function [currently Delete is via a keyboard shortcut only; we plan to add a Delete button soon]
  • A 'Print' function
  • More icons; specific new icons e.g. Reason, Evidence, Claim; co-premise capability
  • More export options, e.g. PDF, image
  • Ability to moderate others' additions before they appear on a map
  • View-only invitations
Some concerns that we'll be addressing:
  • Security of data and uploaded documents
  • The mechanism for passing control between participants could be made clearer
  • Trying to log into a site with the same account on two separate computers at once causes strange behaviour
If you have further feedback for us, please email us or take our short beta feedback survey. If you'd like to be involved in the next stage, our pilot program for small teams, read more here.

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Aaron Vernon said...

Congratulations, sounds like the beta was pretty successful :) Keep up the good work!